Sunday, January 15, 2017

A word about the upcoming Inauguration

china's chicken trump statue

If you've been watching any sort of new or even the celeb blogs, you know that the incoming Trump administration has got its work cut out trying to find performers for what has traditionally been a day long celebration of an incoming President.

I think the list of performers who had initially agreed to perform only to back out after their respective industries threatened them is actually longer than the list of performers that will perform. Last I saw, they had a couple of country music types -- Toby Keith and Big & Rich (the latter has mocking headlines built in) are the latest to sign up.

I had thought of this a while back, but I saw that someone else had already put it online so I never bothered. But I think it is a great idea -- don't have any celebrity people or performers for the Inauguration. Do like they did with that young girl who's going to sing the National Anthem -- mine the country for home grown talent. We've got a big beautiful country with all kinds of talented people working and performing out of the limelight. People just as talented, and in some cases more talented, than the ones celebrated by the big dollar media. Line these folks up and let them shine in front of the entire world.

If you've read any of my posts you know I didn't vote for Trump. I don't believe in him, never did, still don't. But his campaign was predicated in part on push back against the established elites in the media and Washington. What better way to celebrate that than an Inauguration of ordinary Americans celebrating the outsider President?

Once again, look at the electoral map:

2017 electoral map

New York and L.A. backed a loser. Celebrity and elite media hubris lost the presidential race. Epically. So fuck New York. Fuck L.A. And fuck these whiny Democrats that don't want to attend the Inauguration. Despite their opposition to Barack Obama's liberal agenda and ideology, Republicans didn't boycott his Inaugurations like a bunch of whiny babies with full diapers.

This is something Republicans in Washington and in online media need to hype relentlessly. Democrat hypocrisy writ large starting even before Trump is sworn into office. And with each hyperbolic apocalypse that fails to come to pass during this administration, conservatives need to blanket social media with how Democrats and liberal celebs were wrong. Like they did with the I'll leave the country if Trump wins nonsense that got thrown in the faces of celebs after the election.

There's an opportunity to do some good here for the country. Not sure I trust establishment Republicans to not f*ck it up. But who knows?

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Tuerqas said...

I couldn't agree more. I had thought of just having no celebration, just the basic ceremony to go along with some fiscal reality. I knew a narcissist like Trump would never do that, so your idea is actually better...