Monday, February 23, 2015

This could get interesting

Just got an e-mail from Blogger, the host of this blog, and they are putting a no-nudity policy in place by the end of next month. Not quite sure how this will work, I'm assuming they are going to make blogs with skin issue username/password combos to those whom owners want to be able to still visit their blogs. Otherwise, access will be blocked.

Not sure if this is a side effect of all this "Net Neutrality" stuff the administration is pushing, or whether Blogger . . . well, I don't know what their problem is.

Up until they bitched at me, I was hiding any nudity behind a *click for uncensored* mechanism. Once they forced me behind the improper content curtain, I quit worrying about that. As those of you who drop by regularly have seen.

So I'm not sure if I should go through the massive amount of images I've posted and censor them all or just let this thing go or see what they do at the end of March.

Very odd.


DismalDave said...

You should dump all the skin you can while you can.

Hell, the world could end in March, I want to see every set of boobies I can before that happens!


Jon Dougery said...

Blogger can go suck it!!!

postaldog said...

If I'm reading their stuff right, after 3/23, if I don't remove the "objectionable" material, the blog will become private. In which case visitors will have to sign in and get approval to read/view the blog. I'm supposed to track e-mail addy's to manually enter who's allowed to access the blog . . . it's all pretty fascist bullsh*t imho.