Friday, February 20, 2015

A bit of schadenfreude

There was an article at Human Events the other day by Ann Coulter, where she lashed out a Republican Congressional leaders for their timidity of pressing their advantage with the recent Lower Court injunction against the President's unlawful executive decision on amnesty for illegals.

It's a wonderfully acerbic piece, Coulter skewers Republicans in the Senate for not doing what they promised they would do if given control of the Senate. The irony of her picking on Majority Leader McConnell is that during the last election, Coulter was on every news talk show telling the Tea Party Republicans to sit down and shut the f*ck up. There was a hard push to unseat McConnell by grassroots Republicans, and Coulter went on and on about how brave McConnell was and how hard he fought to block dingy Harry and the rest from rubber stamping the President's agenda, how stupid and ungrateful and politically ignorant and short sighted the Tea Partiers are, blah, blah, blah.

As she always does, Coulter brought up Christine O'Donnell and mocked the Tea Party mercilessly, even though they had delivered the House into Republican hands two years prior. Her default position has always been just fill the seats with people with R's after their name and everything will be fine.

She of course conveniently forgets about Scott Brown and how he turned his back on Republicans once they got him in office. And now she's learning that McConnell is no different. He and Boehner will cave on this due to optics, even though, as Coulter points out, the facts could win the day if these guys would just saturate the press with them.

I like Coulter's writing, she's fun to read, but just because she's witty doesn't mean she knows any more than you or I do. She lashes out at Jeb Bush, but carried on a long slobbering love affair for RINO Chris Christie. She was wrong about Brown, and she's wrong again about McConnell and other beltway established politicians.

Perhaps one of these days, she'll stop automatically disdaining the grassroots of the party and start realizing that we are right -- we need new faces, new representatives that will represent the wishes of those who gave them their jobs and pay their salaries.

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