Tuesday, February 17, 2015

At age 5, eh?

According to TMZ, Bruce Jenner has stated that he knew at age five he was actually supposed to be a woman. Or, I suppose, at that age, a girl.

Uh huh. Do you have kids? Remember how they were at that age? You have to tell them not to eat their own poop or put their hands on a hot stove (often repeatedly on that second point). But Jenner says he now knew then what his gender orientation was. Even though most 5 year olds don't even know what gender is. And by the way, don't come at me with that bullsh*t about studies that show differently. At age 5, children will tell you whatever you lead them into telling you, so those studies are completely worthless in my opinion.

I mentioned something about this in a previous post, but I'll repeat it here. We see this again and again with gays or transgendered types, they don't have the courage to admit they've chosen a particular path in life, one that puts them at odds with over 96% of the country and probably the world's population. Instead, they revisit their lives and create a series of data points by re-remembering events that will help them validate their current decision.

Oddly enough, this is not unlike what climate hysterics do with climate data which is why their computer models fail all the time. You can't take a final position then create false data leading up to it, that's not science, that's wishful thinking. And this is what Jenner and others in his adopted community of aberrant sexual behavior devotees are engaged in.

And I'm wondering -- will Jenner also be gay? Which is to say, will he, now that he claims to be a woman, take a male partner? Or will he still want a woman for his sexual mate? Which I guess would make him a transgendered lesbian. Some would say that isn't important, but I say it is. Because it means Jenner isn't a woman in man's body, he's a guy who wants to wear panties and a bra in public. He's a crossdresser, plain and simple.

I've got more respect for someone like Eddie Izzard on this point. He refers to himself in his comedy routine as an action transvestite -- someone who enjoys dressing up, running and jumping, yet still fancies the girls. At least he's honest. And hysterically funny too.

I'm also amused by the fact that Jenner is willing to make money off this by showcasing his gender transformation in a television show. What a coincidence. I'm sure that it's all in the name of diversity and support for the LBGTXYZTSOP...whatever community. He's a shameless famewhore who's been stuck in a family of shameless famewhores with no way to make his own millions by debasing himself on television. Well now he's found a way.

And it's exactly that legitimate too.

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