Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Eric Holder said

So at some press meeting yesterday, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder snarked at FOX reporter James Rosen that if FOX quit going on and on about calling radical Islamic terror what it is, they wouldn't have anything else to talk about.

Odd comment from a man who, along with the President, can't seem to avoid calling everything they disagree with racist. As was pointed out repeatedly, the President didn't hesitate to insinuate that the killing of three Muslim students was racially/religiously motivated. This without any facts to back that up. Something both of these men have done time and time again. Think back to the Trayvon Martin case, the Michael Brown case, and others. These two race-obsessed black men can't see anything but racism when they look events such as these, even when the facts don't support those conclusions.

But when a group of Islamic radicals, who admit what they are doing is in the name of the prophet and Islam, murder 21 Christians and say it is because they are Christians, these two men and this administration can't bring themselves to call this a religiously motivated hate crime?

Perhaps Holder might want to try on a different pair of glasses. He might see better.

And while not exactly the same thing, I've noticed again and again, even among conservatives, the habit of referring to the war in Iraq as a disaster. What exactly was the disaster? We removed a genocidal maniac from power, allowed for the democratic election of a new government, granted that didn't go perfectly, but it was their first shot at it. We had a huge military base under construction that would have allowed us to have a stabilizing presence in the area. So why is it a disaster?

As far as I can see, the only disaster was pulling out. And I remember hearing one pundit after another warning that if we did, there would be a power vacuum in the area that would be filled by something, most probably bad. Isn't that exactly what happened? And whose decision was it to pull out? Not President Bush's. It was Obama's. Just like the pull out from Afganistan. So why aren't these disasters laid at his door?

Imagine how different that region might be if we had maintained a military presence there, just as we have in free countries around the world? Would there be an ISIS? Maybe. But it would be tiny and ineffectual on the world stage. Not something drawing in disaffected youths from around the world to get in on the fun of burning and beheading innocents in the name of global caliphate.

I'm disappointed that conservatives are so quick to buy into the left's re-writing of history. It does a disservice to the men and women who fought over there and those who made the hard decisions to make it successful.

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