Monday, April 9, 2012

A Blue Lagoon remake? Why?

Some movies simply don't need or deserve remaking. Showgirls comes to mind immediately. And The Blue Lagoon isn't far behind. It was a silly movie to begin with and had no great narrative to hang your hat on.

Of course, this new version is getting a lot of hype online, mainly because of the casting. In 21 year old Indiana Evans, producers have found an actress who's got the face of a 13 year old and the body of a stripper:

indiana evans blue lagoon

The original had a 15 year old Brooke Shields, well on her way to cementing her status as world's oldest virgin, as the film's drawing point:

brooke shields

My main rememberance of the first film, other than the seaweed bikinis, which from the promo pics, appear to not be making a reprise in the remake, was an interview with the director -- Randal Kleiser.

As Shields was still a virginal young lady, Kleiser had to hide off camera and pinch her big toe to help Brooke find her "O face" for the love scenes.

That's directing, baby!

It appears there's some kitsch factor at work in the remake (no duh!) as I see they've also got Christopher Atkins making a cameo and Denise Richards has a part as well.


Oh well, perhaps someone saw her old Playboy shoot and thought she was perfect for the flick:

denise richards playboy


Anonymous said...

This was a very stupid post. Brooke Shields was 14 when she filmed The Blue Lagoon. Do you really think she was the "world's oldest virgin"? Very clever.

PS: The last sentence is a sarcasm. I explain it because you don't seem the kind of person who gets sarcasm...

postaldog said...

Thanks, but I actually do get sarcasm when it is delivered properly.

You may not be old enough to know this, but the world's oldest virgin remark was a standard jibe about Shields back in the day as she proudly proclaimed herself to still be a virgin well into her mid-20's.

Anonymous said...

"This was a very stupid post"

And you're an idiot! The post was simply about whether the original movie deserved a remake. I agree with does not.

Also his comment wasn't about Brooke Sheilds being a 14 year old virgin...obviously she was. It was simply a reminder of what she was once kidded about being.

Grow the eff up, dude!

SavvyD said...

The big difference was not so much the body but the bathing suit. The new girl's top looks padded. The new BL didn't have the innocence of the first. But I liked this one better. Honestly, the films are just an excuse to see two hot kids making out.

SavvyD said...

Also, by "body of a stripper," you must mean a fantasy stripper. I've heard not all strippers even have great bodies from guys who say they don't mind because they like variety.

It's also totally possible to be a virgin into your 20s - even late 20s. Some people are late bloomers for a variety of reasons.

postaldog said...

I personally find the padded underwire bikini tops to be a bit contrary -- are you going swimming or showing off your bod? Frankly, I'm a simple string bikini kind of guy :-)

My crack about the body of a stripper was more about the fact that Indiana Evans at 21 appears more physically mature than the 15 year old Shields and/or the character they both play in the flick.

Also, see my comments above to explain the world's oldest virgin remark . . . I don't disparage her from maintaining her virginity until marriage, more young people should, imho, I was just trying to be a little humorous.

Haven't seen it myself, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for commenting :-)