Monday, June 1, 2015

Because I'm not going to post pictures of that tranny here

I'm going to talk about Bruce Jenner and his supposed transformation, but no pics. Instead, here's a couple images of an actual female -- my favorite nobody Maitland Ward:

maitland ward bikini
maitland ward bikini

I think Bruce Jenner is on the cover of Vanity Fair in full drag. The pics are everywhere. And I'm pretty sure he's going to get Person of the Year from Time at some point, since they did that other tranny last year or the year before.

I've mentioned before what a crock this is. Jenner's claim that he knew when he was a child that he was a woman inside is the same b.s. we hear from gays when they try to rationalize their decision to live this aberrant lifestyle. It is doubly b.s. in Jenner's case, because, as I predicted in an earlier post, he's not going for the full gender reassignment thing. He's going to keep his man sexual organs and he's going to continue to have sex with women. Because this whole thing is nothing other than a messed up guy who wants to prance around in women's underwear and wear make-up and such.

He wants to be able to put this charade on and take it off when it is convenient for him. How is that him becoming the woman he always knew he was supposed to be? I can't wait to hear him in interviews as he tells about how, when competing for and winning the Olympic Decathalon, he was somehow acting out his powerful female side and racing for equality or some other horsesh*t. He'll be feted and lauded on every celeb blog and women's talk show as some sort of icon or trailblazer. And we, as a country and a people, will be one step further from what we were intended to be in the Creator's plan.


And if you were looking for a reason to boycott ESPN for the rest of your life, here it is -- they are apparently planning to give Jenner the Arthur Ashe award for bravery at the next ESPY's. Ashe was a true pioneer, who maintained a quiet dignity while not slamming his choice of lifestyle in our faces. Bruce Jenner has devolved into a total famewhore, just as warped as the rest of that Kardashian clan. Milking his desire to prance around in women's undies for every dollar he can get. To defile Ashe's name by associating him with this effing loser borders on criminal.

F*ck you, ESPN!



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Jon Dougery said...

Thank you for not posting any pics of that granny-weirdo!!!

Jon Dougery said...

was supposed to say 'tranny' weirdo!!!

postaldog said...

No probs, :-)

I brutalized you guys enough with the Lena Dunham pics, I figured I should take it easy on you.