Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Open letter to Republican presidential candidates


I thought you people had learned your lesson from the last election, when you lost the second biggest gimme election in my lifetime (the first being Algore's loss to Bush), but apparently you haven't. To wit: Scott Walker's stumble on evolution the other day.

In the 2012 pre-primary period, Republican candidates were made to look like a bunch of idiots rolling around in a clown car by the left wing media, as they blindly fell for every silly topic the media threw at them. I saw former governor George Patacki on Megyn last night and he got it right -- stay on point! Simply deflect those stupid hot button topics and maintain message. There are plenty of polls that show that most of these divisive topics are way down on people's list of concerns. Only the media cares about them. Hammer the media with facts and don't be afraid to pull a Newt -- call them out on their bias and hypocrisy in their coverage.

Also, no more junior senators or those with no political experience whatsoever. I'm sorry Carly and Dr. Carson, you guys might be good for cabinet posts, but not the big chair. Same for Marco and Ted, you guys need more seasoning and some time to build a proper career before jumping up. The next president should be a governor, someone who has experience governing, dealing with legislatures, working across aisles to build consensus, etc. The stuff a President is supposed to do, not rule by executive order like a petulant king as our current President does.

And no one who has run before either. Sorry Huck, sorry Rick Perry, you guys had your shot and blew it. You've been weaponized by the media, like Sarah Palin, you'll never get past that. Your job now is as attack dog for the eventual candidate. We (Republicans) need a new face, someone dynamic not only to energize the base, but draw in the independents and disaffected Democrats who will swing this election.

And something else, don't assume Hillary is a lock for the Dems. I'm still not sure she's anything more than a stalking horse for fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren. The last minute, come from nowhere candidate worked to perfection for Dems last time, and I wouldn't be shocked if they tried it again.

The facts are in our favor -- the economy, foreign policy, energy, jobs, health care (yes, even that), focus on those things, not straw man arguments about the non-existent war on women, or contraception, or gay marriage or any other ridiculous topics solely designed by the media to make you look like a caricature.

Don't eff it up this time people, we've got a chance to get this country back on the proper track. Get your game together and get after it.

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