Friday, February 20, 2015

So I'm watching "The Five" . . .

. . . which I don't usually get to watch because I'm never home from work in time.

Well today, as one of the panelists, they have Stacey Dash. Now I've posted on her before. I respect the fact that as a conservative black woman in Hollywood she takes an enormous amount of sh*t from haters, and still she hangs in there with her beliefs. So I'm interested to hear how she does on the round table forum here.

As far as content, she really didn't have anything particularly trenchant or insightful to add to any of the topics they covered. She differed from Juan Williams on the dangerous effect of hip-hop on minority youths -- she disagrees that it is problematic. But otherwise . . . meh.

What did captivate me was her delivery. My goodness! What a breath-y sultry demeanor! Playing with her hair, the smile, that voice . . . I felt like I needed to go outside and have a cigarette after the show. Is she always like this? I don't remember her being like this in movies. That was about as sexy a performance in a show that shouldn't have anything even remotely sexy happening as I've ever seen.

Maybe I was just having a testosterone flare-up or something, but wow! That was something!

Stacey dash playboy

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