Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Topless Lebanese skier = trouble

It seems Lebanese Olympic alpine skier Jackie Chamoun did a photo shoot for a calendar that included some racy imagery. With Lebanon being nearly 60% Muslim, you can imagine the uproar when candids from the shoot appeared online recently. Chamoun is duly apologetic about the incident saying that she never imagined the images would become public or linked to her. I'm guessing she was hoping to earn a little cash on the sly and with the public/internet's fascination with hot Olympic chicks, someone did some digging and facial recognition work and . . . busted. I hear there is actually rioting going on over this.


I'm not getting all that religious angst over a little sideboob, but I know that strict adherents of the faith don't tolerate any skin showing on their women in public. Pity, she's a very attractive gal:

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