Monday, February 17, 2014

My two cents on the Ellen Page thing

I don't actually care that Ellen Page is gay. And I have to laugh at the drama of her "coming out" on the subject. Her choice of sexual orientation was probably one of the worst faux secrets in Hollywood. I mean seriously, is there anyone who pays attention to films that didn't know she was a lesbian?

And exactly how was she suffering by not being "out" in the first place? Hollywood isn't exactly known for discriminating against gays or lesbians. And checking the data on her career, Ellen hasn't exactly suffered for her choice of lifestyle that everyone already knew about. At 27 years old, she has a net worth over $14 million. She's got over 25 film credits, a half-dozen tv series, and some voice-over work for toons and video games.

Gee, we should all suffer so much.

And since she isn't exactly the "romantic lead" type, I don't know why she couldn't go around town holding hands with her significant other. Again, not like anyone was expecting to see her with a guy after all.

I saw on one of the celeb blogs where the guy who writes there opened up his fawning article on Ellen's big coming out party with this little gem:

"If you're one of those people who think gays should keep this to themselves and you find it uncessary[sic] for them to come out, first, you're part of the problem, and second, please be real with your reasons for feeling that way."

Well first off, it's you that's the problem, brother. Not me. You and all the others who make their living by lionizing and idolizing a tiny minority of people who choose to engage in aberrant sexual behavior. You and others like you who demand that I accept this behavior even though I feel it flies in the face of my religious beliefs and even the common sense of Darwinian evolution. You and others like you who wish to rewrite our laws and overturn legally binding referendums just to please your warped sense of what's right and wrong. It's you and others like you who demand that over 96% of the world's population bend to appease the less than 4% of the populace that has chosen to self-identify as LGBT.

Like I said, I don't care if Ellen Page is gay. I don't care if Anderson Cooper is gay. I don't care if the nice lady on my route is gay. I don't care if the nice guy who runs that shop I used to deliver to is gay. They chose to put themselves outside the norm of society. There's a risk to that.

But the last thing I need is some loser who posts pics of supermodels cuddling together and makes a lot of hubba-hubba jokes about girl-on-girl action lecturing me about how I should feel about this whole gay rights circus.

Thanks to Doug Ross for the linkage.

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