Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About that CBO report . . .

It is just killing me listening to various Democratic mouthpieces saying that having 2.5 million Americans reduce their hours to part-time or drop out of the workplace altogether, is somehow a good thing.

How exactly does one "pursue their dreams" when they don't have any disposable income to live off? Carney's crack about creating more entrepreneurial opportunity was laughable. How, pray tell, does one do anything entrepreneurial (as in create a business that would employ others, etc.) when that person won't have any money to work with? What bank is going to give an unemployed loser a start-up loan?

These clowns live in a fantasy land. I've said many times before that Obama's economic team acts like they're doing a college lab or something. Just throwing around pretend money and doing all sorts of crazy stuff with no knowledge of how the real world works or worries about real world consequences of their stupid decisions.

And none of that begins to touch the topic of what will happen to a moribund economy when 2.5 million citizens see their disposable income reduced. I would think the result will be catastrophic.

And by the way, where and who are all these people who are "trapped" in a job because of health care? Dems make it sound like everyone in America is running to the ER or a family doctor a half dozen times a month! Who the f*ck is that sickly? Seriously, have you heard any numbers from the Dems about how many people are stuck in this supposedly tragic situation? Because I haven't.

Barack Obama said his goal was to "fundamentally transform" America. Well, apparently his vision of America is one where citizens choose not to work and simply sit around with their hands out, being catered to by Big Nanny Government.

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