Sunday, February 23, 2014

So the Daytona 500 is under rain delay . . .

. . . what have I got to say so far? Glad you asked :-)

Don't like FOX's new tracker at the top of the screen. Perhaps I'll get used to it, but I'm having a hard time telling who's in what place. The old scrolling thingy was better, imho.

Getting tired of these announcers saying Tony Stewart shouldn't be doing all the extracurricular racing he does because of the accident last year. If Tony wasn't racing, he wouldn't be happy. He's a race car driver, it's what he does to relax and have fun and, frankly, to live. It's his life, he's living it the way he wants, so back the eff off and let the guy be himself. jeez

Loved the commercial for new series about the stay at home dad -- with him in the kid's room at night with the baseball bat -- And so it begins....   heh   Don't know if it will be any good, but I laughed out loud at the promo.

Also the commercial for Walmart pledging to spend $280 billion on American businesses was nice. Nice song for the commercial too. Workin' man . . . by Rush . . . a Canadian rock band. Maybe someone should have thought that out a bit more.

Have to check out the details on the 300 movie. It looked cool. But my son cracked that it had so much slo-mo in it, that probably if they played it all at full speed, the movie'd only last 10 minutes.   lolz   That effect is getting worked to death in pretty much everything these days.

I think NASCAR needs to tweak their aero package to allow more/better drafting at these restrictor plate tracks. I seem to be the only one who liked that old two car tango stuff with the gen 5 cars. But the racing seemed more exciting and unpredictable to me back then.
just sayin'

Loved the Danica interview with Dale Sr.'s granddaughter. Adorable. I'd like to see her do good this season just to shut folks up.

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