Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sarah Palin > George Lopez

Comedian George Lopez once said that he would move to Canada or beyond if Palin became President. Saying that he preferred his presidents to "...actually have a political background..." and have inherited something from working in the political world. One wonders, in that case, why he voted in 2008 for a 14 month junior senator over an opponent with 20 times more experience, but . . .

He also called Palin an evil egomaniac and the fairly mild epithet of b*tch in his comedy shows. So perhaps this is just a bit of schadenfeude here:

drunk ass george lopez

Yep, while Sarah is once again being noted for her prescience on foriegn affairs, having warned that Putin's aggressive nature would be emboldened by President mom-jeans' tepid, feckless foreign policies, Lopez was passed out drunk on some casino floor looking like the lefty loser he is.

As part of the Democractic war on conservative women, Palin has been relentlessly vilified by useful idiots like Lopez despite her being right over and over on things like end of life counselling to quantitative easing to the Arab Spring and now the Ukraine situation.

Who's the b*tch now, George?

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