Friday, January 10, 2014

Well, in the spirit of bi-partisanship...

The Tampa Bay (formerly St. Pete) Times is currently in a full-court press on gun control with daily editorials and letters to the editor from unrealistically literate middle school students decrying the placing of security guards on campuses. The other day we even had the expected op-ed from Gabby Giffords detailing her agonizing recovery from gunshots inflicted by Obama supporter Jared Loughner, complete with an image of Giffords at a gun range and her calls for sensible gun control.

Tuesday of this week, former sports writer turned opinion columnist John Romano weighed in on the Time's favorite hobby horse -- the Stand your Ground law. Romano admits that according to public opinion the law shouldn't be repealed:
...there is no way that law is going to be repealed anytime soon, nor should it be based on polls.

Romano advocates "tweaking" the law. In this case, removing protections for those who start confrontations. Although that is a murky situation, as we saw with the Zimmerman/Martin incident. Facts show Martin was the aggressor, but liberal outlets like the Times perpetrated the lie that Zimmerman provoked his assailant. Putting something like this before a jury that could be swayed by relentless and false media hype might jeopardize a person's right to a fair trail. And I thought liberals were all about fairness.

But I like Romano's setup for this -- a law has no chance of being repealed so let's just tweak it to make it better. I have a few ideas --

Roe v. Wade has little chance of being repealed. And unlike the Stand your Ground law, Roe has caused the murder of over 50 million innocent children since its passage. I'm in favor of tweaking this law to add protections to the innocent. How about you John?

ObamaCare has little chance of being outright repealed as well. And I, along with millions of others, would like to see some tweaking of this law too. How about actually letting people keep the plans they like, as the President repeatedly promised for starters? Your thoughts, John?

Of course, in reality, Romano has little interest in tweaking laws that are mainstays of the liberal/socialist/democratic platform for transforming this country into a third world debt nation. And like most liberals, he's a flaming hypocrite when taking a stand on anything, he finishes up his article with this bit of advice:

So will the law [Stand your Ground] ever be perfect? Of course not. But that doesn't mean we should abandon all attempts to fix it.

Well said, John. Now only if you, and all liberals, would apply that reasoning to laws people of other political opinions had qualms about, we'd be a much less divisive nation. Don't you think?

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