Sunday, October 23, 2011

What does it say . . .

. . . when a someone who has won the Nobel Prize for Peace, Liberty Medal, and Presidential Medal of Freedom refuses to attend your bogus protest movement?

Lech Walesa, former president of Poland, has backtracked on a possible trip to New York to support the whining babies, I mean #OWS, protest there. After getting some information on the groups supporting and funding this so-called grassroots protest -- Code Pink, George Soros, the American Communist orgainization, etc., Walesa quickly realized the protesters were not fighting for actual freedom, but rather a larger, more intrusive and controlling government.

I'm sure after getting idealogical stalwarts like Alec Baldwin, Kanye West, and Russell Brand, the #OWS whimpering parasites won't be missing a lightweight like Walesa, who dragged an entire country out of from the shackles of murdering communists.

You have to wonder at the gross stupidity of the movement and its supporters, both celebrity and political, when you look around the world at socialist governments going broke, one after another, and yet these assclowns want everything in this country to be free and handed out by our government.

Free college education! Free unlimited healthcare! Free housing! And on and on. Where is the money supposed to come from? Suppose they strip all the million and billionaires of the entirity of their wealth, then what? All that cash would not even remove the massive debt saddling this country. So where do these whining babies go next for their bottle? Do they even think about that?

Of course not. They're too busy getting their 60s moment. Getting feted by the President and congressional douchebags like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Btw, why are people surprised about the President's support of this movement? What was his background in Chicago after all? Community organizer! Remember? What does that entail? Organizing protests and shakedowns of local governments and businesses to get free money and handouts for those who refuse to be educated, who refuse to work, and demand everything be given to them for free based on some sort of class/racial guilt trip.

Also btw, it is telling that when Obama went to Poland, Walesa refused to meet with him. Guess the actual, deserving Nobel Prize winner saw something, that the electorate in this country closed their eyes to.

Maybe next election . . .

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