Monday, January 27, 2014

So my 'puter's been down

I've got an old Dell Dimension 4550 that I use as my desktop. It's a bit slow by today's standards, but it runs XP, which I (along with millions of businesses) prefer, and I'm hesitant to upgrade. Well it's getting a bit cranky these days and doesn't like to reboot anymore. So when Windows sends one of it's midnight updates, I wake up to a non-running computer. This last time, she simply wouldn't start up, no matter what I did. I was ready to call the geek guys when I finally got her going last night.

I've got a 2TB stand alone harddrive that I've been moving stuff to, but the move isn't complete by a long shot. And there's some software with pre-populated usercodes and such that I haven't moved yet, so I've been a bit out of it for a week or so. Did I miss much? Let's see:

With no more elections to worry about, our President is doubling down on his divisive racist rhetoric. He did an interview (thought I saved the paper, but I guess not) where he said that if you're a conservative who believes in fiscally responsible government, a return to the constitutional republic that the founders envisioned, and so on, well, you're just a closet racist who longs for the days pre-civil rights era and you should just admit it.

I can imagine that sort of racist dreck from an MSNBC host, but a sitting President -- eesh!

There's a lawsuit in Florida now to overturn the state's ban on same sex marriages. According to writers at the Tampa Bay Times, we need to think of the children of these marriages and overturn the law for them.


Less than 4% of the population identifies itself as LGBT. Exactly how many children of these couples are there? That referendum was overwhelmingly passed in this state. So we're talking about overturning a law to appease less than 4% of the state's population that has chosen an alternative lifestyle? I don't have a problem with civil unions. It always amazes me that when all the talk about this stuff winds down, it always comes to money. Same sex couples want tax breaks and access to retirements and entitlements, never much talk about church weddings and such. Though they always seem to want to break it off in organized religion.

Here's my thing -- homosexuality is a choice, plain and simple. Despite the millions wasted on desperate research (that could have better been used to feed the hungry, help aids patients, etc.) to find a genetic cause, there is none. And whether you believe in God, or Darwin, or some permutation on Intelligent Design, we were designed to be heterosexual. We need to be heterosexual for the propagation of our species. If you, as an adult, chose an alternative lifestyle, bully for you. But forcing laws upon the 96+% of the world that isn't in your lifestyle simply to salve your delicate egos is the definition of tyranny of the minority.

In less trying areas:

Despite not having won a tournament in 4 years, Anastasia Ashley is the world's most famous surfer because she keeps Instagrammin' that ass and doing celeb send ups:

Miley got topless again, this time with bodypaint and sparkles. Girl better start churning out more music, this shtick will run its course pretty quickly:

Taylor Momsen's new album cover is out. Yep, she's naked too. This sort of thing was more shocking back in the 70s when Roxy Music was doing it, but I still prefer her music to Miley's:

And Taylor Swift went shopping, ass still not included, though it seems someone told her about padded bras 'cause:

Now back to my back-upping . . .


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