Thursday, January 30, 2014

Al Gore hearts Margaret Sanger

Or something to that effect . . .

It seems the Goreacle was at a conference in Switzerland recently where he went on about how the best thing we can do for poverty in Africa is start handing out condoms and putting Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in every village.

Echoing a similar comment he made a few years ago, Gore said that "... making fertility management ubiquitously available so [African] women can choose how many children and the spacing of children, is crucial to the future shape of human civilization."

Now if Mitt Romney had suggested something like this, we'd be hearing loud and long about the War on Women, and racism and such. But if the Goreacle wants to get his Eugenics on? I'm sure MSNBC has got his back.

Call me crazy, but isn't the biggest problem in Africa the endless civil wars, rampant disease, the jaw-dropping lack of civil developments and so forth? I could have sworn that I read somewhere that birth rates in pretty much all countries were on the decline.

So claiming that reducing the birth rate in an underdeveloped country is going to have an effect on the Global Climate is ridiculous enough, without dredging up the specter of Sanger's racist claptrap about stopping undesirables from reproducing.

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