Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scarlett Johansson doesn't heart Oxfam anymore

Or maybe it's the other way around, I don't know.

But if you've missed it, Johansson has become the spokesperson for SodaStream, an Israeli company. An Israeli company with offices in the West Bank. Yeah, You know where that's going.

The usual hate groups have been pressuring Johansson through Oxfam to get her to pull out of her association with SodaStream. Funny thing is, Oxfam's all about world poverty and so on, and SodaStream employs Palestinians as well as Israelis, providing good paying jobs and industry to an area that needs it. You'd think Oxfam would be down with that.

But no, like the cowards they are, they've knuckled under to the hate groups and tried to get Johansson to do the same. Happily, she gave them the middle finger and withdrew from Oxfam instead, citing SodaStream's efforts to help everyone in the West Bank.

Johansson's a big Obama supporter, and I can't forget about that, but she gets some kudos for having principles in this case.

scarlett johansson see thru

As an added attraction, here's the movie poster of Scarlett in character as Black Widow for the new Captain America movie. Notice how they seemlessly photoshopped her face (sans beauty mark and such) onto Courtney Stodden's body. It's really hard to notice, because one thing we know about Scarlett is that she's tall and leggy and narrow hipped with impressive cleavage just like Courtney. I guess one out of four isn't too bad:

scarlett johansson / black widow movie poster

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