Monday, January 6, 2014

So Miley slipped a nip in her new photo shoot

You can't tell me you're actually surprised by this. After her work with 'ole pervy, something like this was just a matter of when not if:

miley cyrus nipple slip
miley cyrus nipple slip

Besides forgetting her Chinet-sized pasties, I wish Miley would forget about those god-awful high-waisted cut-offs! It took thirty years to get women away from the horrid look of high-waisted jeans and this chick is single handedly bringing that nonsense back.


Update 2:
And speaking of slipping something in a photoshoot, the pic below has resurfaced in higher resolution this time. Last time I thought it might be a fake, now . . . who knows, just might be the real thing.
*click on the image for the uncensored version*

miley cyrus topless

And in other celeb news -- it seems Ke$ha is in rehab for thirty days. She says it is because her manager called her "fat" and now she has an eating disorder.

Hmmm . . .

kesha sloppy fat
kesha sloppy fat

"Fat" might be a bit harsh. Perhaps "unbelievably sloppily out of shape" would be more accurate. But as long as she's happy with the way she looks and can keep cranking out annoying music that makes her rich, who am I to say anything?

Okay, I stand corrected. Below is a pic of Ke$ha at the American Music Awards in November of last year. If this is the look that prompted her manager to say she looked like a "f*cking refrigerator" then, as much as it pains me, I'll have to be team Ke$ha on this one:

kesha american music awards

Of course, this guy also manages Miley and Rihanna, so his idea of a woman is a spindly little thing that weighs 85 pounds sopping wet, so . . .


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I hate those shorts Miley is wearing. With any luck, she'll lose her popular status from that alone...but with nipples showing, probably not. Sigh

postaldog said...

And she has a fairly rocking body, so she'd probably kill it in the typical shorts most girls are wearing these days. Just don't get the style she's trying to work. Like you said -- sigh