Saturday, October 15, 2011

Conservative awareness not unlike a glacier

As in incredibly slow moving.

Shortly after the '08 election, Mitt Romney became the annointed front runner in the Republican party. So much so that I thought his name had been legally changed to Republican Frontrunner Mitt Romney. It should have been telling that liberal/democrat pundits were touting Romney as the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama. But the so-called enlightened conservative pundits and bloggers jumped right on the Romney bandwagon, starting every conversation about the election with Mittens.

And once the debate/campaign process began, conservative talkers linked arms with their liberal counterparts and worked diligently to eviscerate any impediment to an eventual Romney nomination as the official Republican challenger.

Bachmann, Perry, Pawlenty, Palin . . . anyone who got a moment's notice as the Flavor of the Month got every blemish and he said/she said story given prominent voice in the media. Now it is Herman Cain's turn. He got a push from a none of the above vibe in a few straw polls and moved up in the rankings. Now he's getting it hard from both liberals and conservatives over his tax plan and obvious lack of experience in politics.

To be fair, Cain's lack of foreign policy knowledge/experience and lack of legislative experience is why I'm convinced he shouldn't be the party's nominee. For both practical reasons and tactical reasons -- the campaign commercials would write themselves with Cain as the nominee. And despite Obama's wretched record in office, a glaring novice as president would turn off independent voters in a heartbeat.

And now with all the warts exposed, Romney's comfortably back in the lead.

And finally, the brains in the conservative blogosphere are noticing -- hey, this guy's a bit of a RINO! And all of the sudden we're seeing posts about how much Mitt was involved in ObamaCare. And reminders of how he's on board with the Global Warming hoax. And even Obama's campaign is launching pre-emptive attack ads focusing on how Mitt's a serial flip-flopper.

I warned about the circular firing squad nature of conservative thinking earlier this year. I've pointed to the risible notion of vetting our candidates, when in actuality, they've been destroying the field to leave the worst possible candidate standing -- Mitt Romney.

And now that that has come to pass, these same pundits and know-nothings are being hit with buyer's remorse. They, the conservative intelligensia, have put someone at the head of the party that does not believe in hardly anything they have used to bludeon other prospective candidates out of the race with.

I guess better late than never, but nice going a**holes! Way to screw up a gimme election!

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