Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So Lindsay's going to jail?

I guess Lindsay Lohan had her probation hearing today. And the judge pulled out the whupping stick and let Linds and her attourney have it. From snarky comments to withering side-eyes, the judge simply wasn't having any of what the troubled actress was selling.

I sort of feel for her attourney. I spent ten years as a union rep in the Post Office. And one of the reasons I couldn't wait to quit that mess was having to sit in a greivance or arbitration hearing and try to defend someone who was so obviously guilty and still seem all righteous and noble about it.


I also got a kick out of how awkward Lindsay looked in handcuffs, when you know she spends plenty of time doing kinky stuff with these rich playboys who pay her to be arm candy at various events.

Anyway, considering the wretched condition of the California penal system, I doubt Linds will do any hard time, though technically she could face a year in the slammer.

The sentencing hearing is set for Nov 2 (I think), and I won't be surprised if she's back on the street quickly with her meth teeth, wierd bruises and abrasions, and low end stripper/hooker look:

lindsay looks like a hooker


Anonymous said...

Attorney !!

postaldog said...

Easy there perfessor! I'm also likely to type colour and behaviour :-)