Monday, October 10, 2011

Christina Aguilera depresses me

Christina Aguilera was in Germany recently as part of a musical tribute to Michael Jackson. Now setting aside the fact that I cannot understand why anyone would participate in a tribute to a child molester, a bunch of pics surfaced of her during her performance:

christina aguilera hot & heavy

Now I know it isn't fair to focus on someone whilst belting out a song, 'cause lots of singers make funny faces when they sing, but jeepers . . . does she look like crap. I guess I have to give her props for pouring herself into an outfit that is so clearly unflattering. But what happened to my girl?!

One of my earliest blog postings when I was at Blogstream was about how the troubled girls - Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears, were suffering from a lack of parental guidance and a weak home life. I contrasted them to Christina who was, at the time, soaring at the top of her game. She looked great, was putting out great music, and I attributed her success to the values and moral guidance given to her by her mother, who had raised Christina by herself.

I still believe what I wrote back then, but I am flummoxed by how far and hard she has fallen in recent years. Her substantial weight gain, botched live performances, failed marriage, and public drunkeness seems to have no obvious triggering mechanism.

It is a shame, because even with all her troubles, she still has the best pipes in the business. And I'm sure there is still another great cd out there waiting to be made. Plus she has a child to raise, so Christina needs to get her sh*t together for a lot of reasons. Here's hoping she does. She may never look like this again:

christina aguilera hot & sexy

But I'd feel better if she was happy and healthy and in control of her life once more.

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