Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Lindsay's doing Playboy now?

I see Lindsay Lohan has worked out a deal to appear in the January issue of Playboy. They're going to pay her somewhere between $750K (their price) and $1M (Lindsay's price) to appear in a non-nude pictorial.


Another non-nude pictorial in Playboy. Did someone there forget what that magazine is all about? And how about the absurdity of paying Lindsay that kind of money for not showing anything when she's already done stuff like this:

lindsay lohan topless and see-thru

And when she isn't showing the goods in a modeling shoot, she's falling out of her clothes in public, where there always just happens to be a photographer handy:

lindsay lohan nsfw slips

Or she's simply going around town wearing outfits that leave all her stuff hangin' out there for any passerby to check out:

lindsay lohan side boob

Look, I get that Hugh Hefner's getting a little foggy in his old age, by why pay that kind of money for a chick who's givin' it away for free almost every day?! And do we really need another ridiculously promoted show nothing photoshop extravaganza let down like this again:

heidi montag playboy

Umm . . . no!

So rumor has it that Linds is actually going full monty in the pictorial. Uh hmm. Color me dubious. We heard the same nonsense from Heidi Montag's shoot and see the above pictures to see how that turned out. I wouldn't put it past either the magazine or Linds (via proxy Dina) to be ginning up publicity for this issue to increase sales. We'll see.

And you can look here if you're looking for the actual pics from Playboy.

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