Sunday, October 9, 2011

A bit early, isn't it?

So I'm delivering mail on my route yesterday. And as I pass one of my customer's houses, I notice her car in the driveway. On the bumper, placed perfectly in the middle, is an Obama 2012 bumper sticker.


I mean, we haven't even started the campaign, officially, yet. We don't even know who the Republicans are going to run against the President yet. The left wing's preferred candidate, Mitt Romney, is still the front runner. With the other entrants still moving up and down according to polls and media attacks on them.

So my customer is obviously going on ideology or pure party allegiance. At least that's what I'm assuming. Because what exactly would she be so contented with from the current administration? Double dip recession? Underemployment near 16%? Poverty level the highest its been in years? Our decreased standing as a global power?

What has this president done that would make someone just blindly support four more years of his administration? The left's talking heads, useful idiots, and water carriers like to snark that conservatives are stupid and allow themselves to be told whom to vote for.

But who really has the blinders on? Who is truly living in a state of denial here? In fact, if you talk to a democrat/liberal about the upcoming vote, they all begin to roll out the usual ad hominem attacks, outright lies and deceptions about conservatives in general that the media has been spreading for the last eight years. Those who vote democrat aren't actually looking at the issues and the world and what's happening in our own country and making an informed decision. They're simply voting as they are told to vote. By the media and other propaganda-meisters.

This is one election where it would make me more comfortable to see yard signs and bumper stickers only popping up at the late stages of the campaign. Blind partisanship coupled with uninformed decisionmaking and knee-jerk issue reactionisms could have disastrous consequences in 2012.

Use your freekin' heads! Don't get all your news or info from one source! Know who's behind the various media outlets you are trusting! Take advantage of the incredible amounts of information literally at your fingertips via the internet, but remember -- search engines have agendas too!

Don't f*ck it up this time, folks! There's too much at stake in this election to be voting on guilt or to be trendy.

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