Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal house?

I don't live in a woodsy area by any means. But for some reason, my house seems to get singled out for the wild animal habitat.

I had squirrels go in through the dryer vent and make a nest in some storage boxes above the floor. Oh, they're so cute right? Yeah. Little buggers then decided to try and dig into my house through the ceiling in the add-on family room/bedroom.

Then it's rabbits. I've got a nice screened in wood deck with a hot tub. And those lovely furry little sweethearts decide, "Oh, look at that nice place to tunnel under." Now the problem with these living Easter ornaments is that they weaken the foundation with their series of tunnels. And something else you never hear people talk about. Rabbits have fleas. And my deck was a flea explosion for several months. Go out the back door, and you are literally covered in fleas up to your knees in seconds.

Now I've got a mouse or perhaps a rat in the garage. Does this ever end? I used my pistolero skills to deal with the squirrels and rabbits, but the mouse is a little too shifty. So I guess it'll be poison or traps or something. sheesh

I'm totally down with nature. I love animals and even tolerate bugs and stuff (except roaches, which should be wiped off the face of the earth immediately) . . . as long as they stay out of my house!

Go live your lives, do your thing outside in the big world. I'll live in my home without all the creepiness and ickiness and not try to kill you. It's a fair contract. But no . . .


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