Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend sports and stuff

So as I'm desperately clinging on to the last days of my vacation, and trying to avoid anything real world, like politics and such. Here's what I'm thinking about sports:

The Rays swept the Orioles to give them 20 wins total and 8 road wins in a row, for a team record. For some reason . . . okay, win percentage . . . the Rays are still in second place behind the hated Yankees who have 19 wins.


I just cannot believe how great these guys are playing. They really need one big bat in the lineup. Who knows. If they are looking at the playoffs when the signing deadline approaches . . .

The Sox won again and are hoping to take the series against the Twins. The guys are still below .500 and I'm wondering how much longer they are going to wait before hitting the gas.

Boston can't afford to let Tampa and New York pull away. Third place in the East goes home. And someone's gonna lose their job if they don't make the playoffs with that payroll.

Congrats to Regan Smith for winning at Darlington Saturday night.

I always love it when the car that wins has like, no sponsor stuff on it. It's like when that kid driving for the Woods Brothers won Daytona. All those big buck teams, and some little guy sneaks in there for the win. heh

Had the TrackPass thingy on again for the race. Naturally, the driver I chose to spotlight, Tony Stewart, had his gps go out, so no race telemetry for him.

But the radio stuff worked good. The overall telemetry cut out around the half-way mark again. But you just have to close the page down and reload it to clear that up. Guess it's over buffered or something.

But it looks like something I'll keep getting in years to come if they offer it.

And I spied these pics of the Duffster out and about the other day:

Oof! Check out those groovy retro bell bottoms she's rockin'! I'm getting a whole warm and fuzzy 70s flash back here -- bell bottom jeans, faux crochetted top . . . Aww yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about!

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