Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eesh, what a week!

Man, the first week back after vacation has really sucked! I had plenty of things I wanted to blog about, and just couldn't get up for it. Good thing no one actually follows this blog, they might be disappointed. heh

It poured rain today. We had the Food Drive, so I can barely lift my arm. Did you donate? It's a good cause, especially now with the economy in the crapper. My customers are the greatest, they actually go shopping for stuff and leave bags of groceries at their mailboxes.

Thanks guys!

As I type this, the Rays lost to the Orioles, but remain in first place in the East. Wade Davis got smacked around a bit, and the offense forgot to show up. This is where the presence of a dominant clean-up hitter would help out. hint, hint

The Sox are in a pitching duel with the hated Yankees -- scoreless last time I looked.

Update: Sox win in a shut out. Huzzah!

And this just in -- Jorge Posada is a whiny b*tch! Dude's batting close to the Mendoza line and instead of accepting his move to 9th in the order, he opted out of the line up and plans to give a "statement" after the game.

Hey Jorge, here's a statement for ya -- try showing a little class. Take a cue from Jason Varitek of the Sox. He gracefully accepted his limited role/dh and hung around to mentor the new catchers that are following in his huge footsteps.

Fun fact -- 'tek's the only catcher in history to catch four no-hitters with four different pitchers!

But don't expect class from one of the whiny millionaires on the Yankees.

Huck's decided not to run for President, to the cheering from the right wing pundits. I guess the bit where Huck polled better than any other candidate against Obama didn't mean much to these geniuses.

They're still hung up on the bad grade he got from the Club for Growth when he was governor of Arkansas. Never mind he was lauded as one of the top five gov's in the country. He couldn't run his cash poor state like New York or Florida.

And oh yeah, here's my thing -- why are conservatives letting the left tell them who to run for President?! Ever notice how the only people the right talks about are the losers the left tells them should run? Trump, Ron Paul, Mitt "flip-flop"? Maybe the left likes these guys 'cause they couldn't win in a race against each other, let alone the current President with the entire media behind him.

But what do I know.

And I know these pics have been everywhere already but here's my thoughts:

Remember when everyone was saying that Miley was getting all tatted up, 'cause she was acting out over her parent's possible divorce? Yeah, well apparently little Miley likes the ink 'cause mommy looks like midway carny! No wonder Brett Michaels wanted her on his Rock of Love skank bus. jeez

And for the record, I apologize for noticing that Miley looks kind of cute in a bikini.

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