Friday, May 6, 2011

Photoshop award -- Maxim

So Cameron Diaz is on the cover of Cosmo and Maxim magazines this month looking all girly and cute and so much like the actress we fell in love with from The Mask and the first Charlie's Angels movie.

I actually found her giggly goodness infectous in the Angels movie and it made the flick all the better. In fact, I think she actually stole that movie from Drew and Lucy.

Only problem is that the last time we saw little Camy, she looked like this:

. . . like she just got done making Chuck Liddell cry like a baby in a steel cage match and was on her way to audition for the part of the She-Hulk in yet another Marvel destruction of a popular comic book.
Not complaining, just sayin' . . . that's some pixel-rific work there guys.

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