Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jazz Shaw has gone the full Brockman

it's jazz shaw who is the coward

If you're not sure about that reference -- on an old episode of The Simpsons light-headed Springfield news anchor, Kent Brockman, is doing a story when an ant crawls across the camera lens. After shrieking in horror at the image, Brockman comes back on the air and proclaims that giant ants are taking over the country. He goes full vichy on air uttering the google-able phrase "And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords." And then goes on to say how he'll help in transitioning the populace to being ruled by the conquering ants.

In other words, at the first sign of conflict, he jumps ship to the other side to save his own skin.

Welcome to Election 2016. And now it's Jazz Shaw's turn to join the fool's gallery of supposedly conservative writers and pundits who have bent a knee to self-aggrandizing ass-clown Donald Trump.

Of course, this isn't exactly a recent conversion, Shaw's been doing the "Game over, man!" from the earliest stages of the contest. When the #NeverTrump movement sprung up, he was dismissive right out of the gate. And when it became evident this wasn't some flash in the pan by an outlier group within the party, he brought out a ridiculous meme in an article where he claimed he was "throwing a lifeboat to the #NeverTrump crowd."

That lifeboat came in the form of the idiotic suggestion that it was okay to vote for Trump because we don't know anything about him. Who knows, Shaw opines, it might turn out okay.

Seriously?! That's your solution, Jazz? I would say that solution is analogous to a man dying of thirst, opening a cabinet and finding 37 bottles clearly marked Poison and one with no markings on it whatsoever. The guy thinks to himself Well, I'll just drink the unmarked one, who knows, it might not be poison.

What a disappointment this guy's become.

Yesterday I checked in at HotAir and found two columns by Shaw. One where he was bashing George Will, of all people, damning him with faint praise by noting that Will's an excellent writer but flawed political thinker. Yeah Jazz, that's a solid meme. Will was pointing out that actual thinking conservatives are faced with a hard decision if Trump becomes the nominee -- either do their best to insure Trump loses all 50 states to keep him out of the White House (not a good plan in my humble opinion) or work hard to insure that the down ballot races are won by devout conservatives to retain control of Congress for the future (obviously the best choice).

Of course, according to Shaw, the only course is to abandon all thought of principle and integrity and vote for the lifelong liberal masquerading as a Republican . . . the living embodiment of every left wing insult every hurled at conservatives . . . a domestic and international policy ignoramus (incidentally, who put the spine back in Allahpundit? His take down of Newt Gingrich over his fawning praise for Trump's policy speech was wonderful) . . . a liar, adulterer, and crooked businessman. And to Shaw this is his version of "going down swinging" in the election. He basically calls those who oppose blindly kneeling before the disaster that is Donald Trump as the face of the Republican party cowards. Well, the only coward here is you Jazz. Like Coulter and Ingraham and Hannity and others, you are so consumed by your schoolboy adoration for a vulgar millionaire and his juvenile gutter rhetoric, that you avoided decent candidates like Cruz and Rubio.

So screw you, pal.

His other article was a sobbing lament that Andrea Tantaros was missing from FOX's daily lineup for unexplained reasons. Shaw naturally blamed the #NeverTrump crowd because she's clashed with them from the outset. He recycled the false meme that National Review writer Charles C. Cooke told her to give up her job over her bald faced support of Trump. I remember reading the Twitter exchange at the time and she completely misrepresented getting dressed down by an intellectual superior to suit her everyone pity me stance.

More likely is that FOX realized that she doesn't bring anything irreplaceable to the operation and in the midst of a contract negotiation, FOX is letting her know they'll get on just fine without her. But Shaw has to continue to heap disdain at the opponents of his man crush. So be it.

Shaw joins an ever growing list of those who I've lost all respect for in conservative media -- Coulter, Ingraham, van Susterin, Hannity, Limbaugh, Nolte (and pretty much everyone at Breitbart), and as they used to say in old album tv ads -- and many more

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