Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Still #NeverTrump


In the wake of Ted Cruz' loss in Indiana and his subsequent withdrawal from the race for the nomination of the Republican party, the cowardly Vichy wing of the party has been telling those of us who swore we would never vote for the self-aggrandizing ass clown that we should just suck it up and toe the company line.

Yeah. Not happening with me, bro. Unlike spineless weasels like Jazz Shaw and the like, I don't just walk away from my convictions because things are tilting against me. If your word means nothing, what are you? You're not much of a man in my opinion. And just because I've gotten my ass kicked doesn't mean I'm giving up in a fight. I've literally gone down swinging before in my life, I'll do it again. Literally or figuratively. In fact I have.

I was a union steward for the post office for 10 years. I had plenty of grievances against management, but I also defended unpopular causes amongst my co-workers. I didn't file nuisance grievances just to make them happy. And I've also defended unpopular co-workers against other co-workers.

We had a carrier that got on the bad side of the wrong group in our office. They decided to force this carrier out and began a campaign of ruthless harassment that I hope to never see again in my lifetime. I watched this carrier go to pieces under the pressure and management's response was to join in on the harassing, trying to force that carrier to abandon their lawful bid and bid to another office.

If you can't take it, bid out! used to be a popular expression back when I started in the PO nearly 30 years ago. I hung in there for this carrier, did my best as steward, and eventually the carrier sued the Post Office over the harassment and won. But the fallout of that time was brutal. I had an office full of people I considered my friends who wouldn't even speak to me. They tried to get me in trouble with my union president, filing false complaints about me. They made my workplace miserable for me.

But I never gave in to the pressure of the mob. I didn't take the easy road and sell out my principles like so many of these supposedly fiercely conservative bloggers and pundits who've rolled over for the minority of bumper-sticker mentality voters (about 40% at last estimate, that ain't the will of the people Jazz!) who scream and threaten in Trump's name.

Let me give you another example.

A carrier I had trained got into trouble with her boss. She filed sexual harassment charges against him (he'd been charged and found guilty 4 times previously btw) and he retaliated by faking charges against her and getting a notice of removal against her. When the union came to me and asked me to back her, I didn't hesitate and ended up getting removal charges lodged against me. Once again, I didn't back down. I stood my ground and fought both my union president -- who wanted to cave and save his legacy on the way out the door, and the Postmaster. In the end, sadly, I could not save my friend from losing her job, though she's much happier now in her new career. But I refused to remove my support for her and took them right to the wall and made them give in and not only not fire me, they had to expunge any record of the attempt from my personnel file.

I risked my job, my livelihood to protect a co-worker. You think Jazz Shaw or any of these spineless weasels that are groveling for Trump now have ever done that? Of course not. They don't stand and fight for their convictions. Especially if it's going to cost them blog hits or interview chances or whatever they desire in their careers.


So like I said when I first posted about joining #NeverTrump -- I'm not voting for this guy. Period. I'm also not voting for Hillary. That would be ridiculous. According to Jazz and others, I'm just a rounding error in the electorate, so supposedly my decision won't matter in the big election. But oddly, these sissies keep hammering at me and others of my ilk to join their cause.

If we're so insignificant, why do you guys care so much about what we think?

Btw, I just want to bring something else up. When Ted Cruz announced Carli Fiorina as his running mate, Michelle Malkin had a hit piece out on Carli the next day. We went through this back in 2012 and I complained about Michelle's "vetting" of candidates then. She ran decent candidates like Rick Perry out of the race over something as simple as how he phrased a bill about inoculations. This has got to stop. I don't think if Jesus himself ran for the Republican nomination he would pass Michelle's purity test.

Marco Rubio was Republican's best bet to win in September, but he was run out of the race over the ridiculous notion that he wanted unlimited, unrestrained illegal immigration. What horsesh*t! Look, Marco got too cute by half with the Gang of Eight bill, thinking he could get signature legislation under his belt to propel him to the White House years later. He admitted as much. So it's One and Done for Malkin and the extremist purity wing of the party?

Better rethink that a bit going forward or there's never going to be a viable candidate for the party.

Secondly, congrats to Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse who was publicly #NeverTrump from the outset and doubled down on that just the other day. Sasse knows this may hurt him politically but he's sticking to his principles. Good for you Ben. We need more people like you in the Republican party.

And speaking of principles or the lack thereof -- John Kasich finally dropped out of the race and articles are popping up everywhere as folks are finally realizing that Kasich never wanted to stop Trump. His goal was to stop Ted Cruz. Well, nice job asshole! I hope you can sleep at night and here's a pre-emptive congrats on your V.P. nod. You and that sack of sh*t Chris Christie should have a nice time on the unemployment line after Trump gets crushed in the general election!

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Anonymous said...

Re: your question about why they care what you think.

Maybe they want company on the ship as it goes down.