Friday, May 13, 2016

And this just in -- Emma Stone got back

emma stone sexy booty

Emma Stone has nerd girl cred from movies like Spiderman and Birdman and that Aloha movie where she played a half-Hawaiian gal that enraged the SJW crowd because she doesn't look ethnic enough even though apparently (and I haven't read the book) she looks exactly like the character as described in the novel.

She eschews the obvious sexy magazine layouts and characters in her role choices seemingly preferring to hold on to that "Hey buddy, your sister's kinda hot. You know?" image. So we don't really pay attention to her figure as we do other actresses. But she got pap'd the other day and what do you know . . . Emma's got a little junk in that trunk. Who knew?

emma stone sexy booty

It's always the quiet ones . . .

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