Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blow is the perfect name for this fool

I would have called him a no-talent ass clown in the title but I'm not sure I can do that. But here's who I'm talking about:

forgiato blow is an asshole

Classy, right?

Forgiato Blow, real name Kurt Janz, is some pathetic white boy wanna be rapper who no one's heard of and is trying to make a name for himself. He's decided to host a series of "float parties" at various beaches in Florida. His last outing in Miami caused so much destruction that the city rushed through a new set of ordinances to prevent anything like that happening again.

Well now this bozo is bringing his self-aggrandizing public property destruction tour to my local beach -- St. Pete Beach. Hoping to get tons of video and still images in front of the historic Don Cesar Hotel, he's going to anchor off the beach and is expecting 100 - 150,000 partiers to show up today and celebrate . . . him, of course.

Little rich boy Blow, he's the grandson of the guy who started the Auto Trader, went to a private boys academy, etc., freely admits this party thing is simply to "build his brand" with the public. I'm assuming that brand is the ignorant no-talent white boy pretending to be all hood brand so coveted by the I'm ashamed of my white privilege generation now moping around the country.

Blow has refused to get a permit, showcasing his stunning lack of intelligence on one hand by claiming it (St. Pete Beach) is a public beach so he can do what he wants, while in fact, large portions of the beach -- in front of condos and time shares, are not public and are in fact privately controlled beachfronts. And on the other hand displaying the false insouciance of youth by saying he's only "inviting" 80-100 people so he doesn't need to apply for a permit. Despite knowing and bragging online about 100,000+ turning up for his demolition party.

The city is going to spend tens of thousands of dollars in extra police, portable bathrooms, post party clean-up, protection for nesting sea turtles and other beachfront wildlife that they take pretty seriously out here. This sh*tbag hasn't offered one dime in reparations or assistance to the beach city he claims as his home. I work out here. If he's living on St. Pete Beach, I've never heard of him and I've delivered mail to every residence on the beach.

Every Saturday and holiday weekend, St. Pete Beach is inundated with visitors who have no where to park. It's one of my biggest complaints with the city. They want the weekend traffic to spend money at the stores and restaurants but there's no place for anyone to park. They've fought hard over the years to stop places like the Don Cesar from building a parking garage, claiming it would ruin the esthetic of the area. There's a huge vacant area between the 38th and 41st blocks of Gulf Blvd. that had been used as an emergency pay-to-park area that the city decided they didn't like and shut that down. So a great deal of the parking dilemma is of their own making.

But this fool's intrusion isn't. Like all self-important assholes, Forgiato Blow (seriously?! How can you take anyone serious with a name like that?) won't care about the destruction he causes, invoking the old axiom that any publicity is good publicity. Well, if the city and the mayor are smart, they ought to give this idiot some publicity -- a massive lawsuit to cover the costs of his stupid little look at me party.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, even though it is a "public" beach, that doesn't mean the city or municipality doesn't control it. That's why they can enforce laws about alcohol and other things. He can't simply do what he wants.