Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sometimes, I just wanna . . .

When I first moved back into the home I was born in, I worked out plans to remodel and update the 1950's home of my youth. Part of that remodeling was to put in central heat & air to replace the window shakers and oil heater that were already there.

I asked the contractor who he would recommend for a quote on hvac and he directed me to a company who had been in the area for years. The house was free and clear at the time so I was going to take out a mortgage to pay for all the work. Basically a blank check. So I went with the best system the a/c guys had at the time.

I went with Trane. Got a heat pump with the highest SEER rating they had 20+ years ago. The unit chucked along without so much as a hiccup for over 20 years. It basically began to fall apart 2 years ago -- ironically, the guy who serviced it last told me if I had done routine twice yearly maintenance, it would have still been running -- lesson learned.

So I replaced the unit two years ago. Didn't get a Trane because if you talk to pretty much anyone in the business, they poo poo Trane at every chance. Oh, you're just paying for the name they tell you. For the same price, you can get a better system from another company . . . they all use the same parts anyway and so on. I wasn't as flush with cash this time around (lolz!) so I got a Rheem. Cost me about $9,000+ for the change out and since my credit isn't just peachy, it's on a really high interest loan.


Two weeks ago, I notice it's not cooling like it used to. Running all night non-stop, not bringing down the relative humidity and so on. By Sunday, it was actually making the house hotter by just blowing out room temp air. So I called the repair company, same guys that did the intall. Guess what? My two year old system needed the coil replaced. After only two years! The guy's telling me he sees this all the time! Really!?!

Long story short (I know, too late), I drop $1100 to replace the coil on a two year old system I'm still paying on!! WTF!?

20+ years without a problem from Trane vs. 2 years and a broken down system from what was presented to me as a equal/better unit for less money.

Guess that's just another lesson learned.


Elizabeth Olsen was at a premiere for the new Captain America movie coming out next month and dropped some serious underboob on the red carpet:

Elizabeth olsen underboob

I don't generally think of Elizabeth (the good looking Olsen) as being busty, but she had a few moments in the last Avengers movie that me wondering where all that cleavage was coming from. Guess it wasn't from the cgi   :-)

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