Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So now it's a civil rights issue?

I haven't picked up a copy of the St. Pete Times, oops, sorry, Tampa Bay Times, in a while, but I did today. And I see in the editorial section some of the letter writers are referring to the whiny #Occupy protests as a "civil rights" issue.


I would think at some point, black Americans would get a little tired of every bitchy, pissy group of complainers labeling themselves and their grievances as civil rights oriented.

Call me crazy, but demanding that you be treated with respect and dignity like everyone else regardless of the color of your skin or your heritage is not the same as demanding that your student loans be forgiven or you be guaranteed a job after you get out of college!

One letter writer, while trying desperately to legitimize this complaint-fest only proved the point of those who refuse to side with these babies -- they're simply against everything!

Wah, wah -- the world's not fair!

Wah, wah -- some people have more money than others!

Wah, wah -- I took out a student loan and now I don't want to repay it!

Wah, wah -- politicians don't always tell the truth and sometimes serve special interests!

On and on, ad nauseum!

And of course, now that the protests have turned violent (as was inevitable), democrat politicians and their water carriers in the media are furiously backpeddling and memory-holing all their effusive praise for the drug-addled rape festing, underage prostitutioning, property damaging, #occupy losers.

Lost in all this is the screaming hypocrisy of these jerks -- they band together and whine like little bitches and the President complies and issues legislation to forgive their student loans. How is that different from an industry paying lobbyists to gather votes to push through favorable legislation to their industry?

Answer: it isn't.

But because it's what they want, it's okay. But when it's someone they don't like doing it . . . well then it's evil and bad. And these crying babies cannot see this obvious point.


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