Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tony Stewart wins at Texas

stewart wins at texas

Tony Stewart won the AAA Texas 500 race today at Ft. Worth. For those counting at home, Stewart has won four of the eight cup races held in the Chase for the Championship.

And he's still 3 points behind non-winner Carl Edwards!

Hey NASCAR . . . WTF?!

NASCAR made a big deal about re-configuring the Chase this year to avoid the leading driver simply tooling around the back of the field protecting his points lead (*cough* Jimmie Johnson *cough*) as has happened in previous years. They said they would put a premium on drivers winning to encourage them to fight hard to the end.

Yeah, how's that workin' out for ya boys? I swear, if toothy Carl wins this Championship by simply staying ahead of Tony the last two races, I'm gonna scream. For the record, this is the most exciting Chase they've had in a number of years, with the Champion probably decided in the last race. Which I'm sure Homestead is just tickled about. But still . . .

Anyway, congrats to Tony for the huge win. And thanks again to my sexy, lucky charm for rooting with me.

Hat tip to Dale Jarrett for the comment of the race. When Stewart muscled his way past Edwards on the final restart, Jarrett quipped, "He passed him on purpose."

Gotta love that understated southern wit :-)

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