Sunday, November 20, 2011

NASCAR Championship concludes today

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Today's Ford 400 at Miami's Homestead Speedway will decide this year's Sprint Cup Champion. Sadly, for me, I'm pretty sure that will be Carl Edwards.

Leading challenger Tony Stewart by three points in the standings, all Edwards has to do it what he's done the last couple of races -- just stay close to Tony all day long. Edwards doesn't have to win the race, in fact, it is perfectly plausible that Tony Stewart could win this race and still lose the Championship to Edwards.

This very situation is what NASCAR was supoosedly trying to stop from happening with their re-vamped scoring for the season and Chase. And yet here we are. And here NASCAR is, celebrating the antithesis of actual competition -- a guy (Stewart) doing everything in his power to actually win will most likely lose to the guy (Edwards) who is only trying to stay close to his rival and not take any chances.

It sickens me. And I suspect a great many other fans as may be evident in the dwindling attendance at the tracks. We'll see. Perhaps fate will give the more deserving driver the title this day. But after five years of watching Jimmie Johnson be feted for doing the same thing Edwards is doing this year, I'm not optimistic.

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