Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More climate change shenanigans

The only thing amazing here is that the media keeps trying to force this phony crisis down the public's throats.

Professor Richard Muller from Berkely (where else?) and a supposed "all-star" team of researchers formed a climate research unit -- Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project team or BEST. Yeah, what a coincidence, huh?

Well, with another major climate conference coming up, the prof. rushed out to release his latest findings on global warming, which of course, totally end any skepticism or debate on the topic. According to Muller, he wasn't looking for any sort of publicity. No, he simply wanted to get the information out to the public in the most efficient manner. Uh hmm.

Only problem is that, like Michael Mann and his own faulty graph before him, Muller's own data don't support his conclusions. The graph below shows the difference between what Muller is claiming and what his data actually shows:

Richard Muller's false data

One of Muller's collegues, Judith Curry, who is an acclaimed climate scientist in her own right and second co-author on BEST's papers, called Muller out on his false conclusions.

Muller's response was to release a alzheimer's worthy statement about how, yeah, the data doesn't show any increase for 13 years, but it might not be statistically significant . . . or it might be . . . he's not sure.

Wow! Talk about your scientific certainty! He's right, the science is settled -- these guys are hacks!

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