Friday, November 18, 2011

Red Sox managerial search continues apace . . .

. . . and resembles the Republican presidential nomination search -- that is, an endless video loop of the Keystone Cops falling down a flight of greased up stairs!

I was initially thinking this new GM, Cherington didn't have an original idea in his head, as he and the Cubs, where former GM Theo Epstein is now, have the exact same list of "candidates" and I use the term loosely. But now I'm wondering if Theo has been living off Cherington's ideas all along. Because as soon as the Boston GM slated a follow up meeting with a prospective manager, Theo jumped in and signed the guy.

I sit gobsmacked watching this storied franchise flounder like this. When they let Francona go, why didn't they have someone else already lined up? This isn't the KC Royals we're talking about here after all. And look at the dudes they're bringing in -- bench coaches, hitting coaches, third base coaches, the only guy with actual head coaching credits has a lifetime losing record!

Are you kidding me?!

Oh yeah, and a catcher who's never coached anything. I mean if that's the criteria, why not ask Jason Varitek to coach. At least his resume as a player is better than Alomar's.

I see where someone has finally noticed Bobby Valentine is still announcing on ESPN. Wow, a former head coach, someone who's coached in a big city, coached high profile players, and when still active was considered along with Tony LaRussa as one of the brightest minds in the game.

Btw, who won the Series this year? Oh yeah -- LaRussa and the Cards. Just sayin'

This is a brutal off season for the Sox. They've lost Papelbon and now have to rely on un-reliable Daniel Bard to close. They may lose Ortiz. No one lined up to coach. The local papers are crowing about the realignment and expanded playoffs helping the Rays out for next year. At this rate, they may finish ahead of the Sox and make all that a mute point.

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