Sunday, September 11, 2016

While you were watching the games . . .

is hillary ill?

Democratic Presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton collapsed while leaving early from a 9/11 Memorial service in New York City.

Her spin team said she had a medical episode and became overheated during the service and had to leave. It was 82° and breezy with humidity in the 40% range in New York City this morning.

If you think this is suspicious, it is. And the nagging rumors about Ms. Clinton's health have been looking more noteworthy the longer this campaign has gone on. Coughing fits, lack of stamina and now this.

Trump's been climbing in the polls making this election a lot more competitive than many, including myself, thought it would. I warned way back at the beginning of the primaries . . . don't be surprised if a weakening Clinton suddenly steps aside for someone like Elizabeth Warren.

That could really change the face of this election. Trump will be filleted like a fish in debates with Warren and all the negatives that Trump and the RNC have lined up to use against Clinton will be gone. Like Obama sliding in at the last minute in 2008, the Republicans won't have any sort of game plan to use against their opponent and it'll be way too late in the game to devise new strategy.

Remember who warned about this a long time ago.

Okay, so it seems Hillary's team put out an update on her condition later in the morning. Apparently she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and this is supposedly related to that. Not sure why a common medical condition had to be treated in a more classified manner than the e-mails she mis-handled that actually were classified . . . but there it is.

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