Friday, September 23, 2016

So Ted Cruz was a fraud all along

News out today that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is actually a sniveling weakling was confirmed as after months of suffering abuse and taunts from the spray-tanned buffoon, Cruz formally endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Well, at least he and Mark Levin can go back on Hannity's show now and let that f*cking moron berate them for taking so long to come over to the side of stupidity and venal dishonor.

Cruz made his name as a man of principles, a servant of the people who put him in office and pay his salary, standing up to the Washington establishment no matter what they threw at him. He had integrity. Or so they said. Well they were wrong. He has none. Like spineless coward Rush Limbaugh, who hasn't got the guts to stand up to a minority of his drive time listeners, Cruz saw the election getting close, heard Reince Preibus threatening to punish anyone who didn't get on board, and the former Tea Party darling bowed his head, tugged his forelock and got on the Trump Train to political and moral corruption.

It takes courage to stand your ground in a fight, whether that fight is literal or figurative. Talk is cheap as they say. They also say actions speak louder than words. In Ted Cruz we now see that all he is is talk. His actions say that he's no more than the typical deal making, ass covering politician he campaigned as the alternative to.

And the funny thing is that if Cruz thinks he's secured his political future by endorsing Trump, I think he's going to be in for a rude awakening. Should Trump win the White House, there's no job for Cruz in his administration except maybe scrubbing toilets or the ambassador to some sh*thole third world country that no one's heard of. Because Trump is a vulgar bully who never forgets a slight or forgives an enemy, and he has already said he doesn't want or need Cruz's endorsement. For Pete's sake, he's spent months calling Cruz "Lyin' Ted," insulted the man's wife and implicated Cruz's father in the assassination of Kennedy! Apparently there is no limit to the insults Cruz will meekly endure to protect his cushy job in Washington.

Texas voters won't forget Cruz's cave on principles next election and Trump's not going to give him anything either. This coward sold out his integrity and soul for exactly . . . nothing.

Ted Cruz -- f*cking loser!


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