Thursday, September 15, 2016

Oh look, Mark Levin is really angry now

mark levin is a spineless clown

Over at Conservative Review there's a headline that reads thus:

Mark Levin UNLOADS on Trump's liberal maternity leave plan: 'It sucks'

What a f*cking joke!

The article is little more than a link to an audio excerpt from Levin's radio show where he apparently went all medieval on Trump's latest leftist/socialist policy suggestion. I didn't bother to waste my time listening to one of Levin's nasal-y rants. But the article did have this interesting teaser for the clip:
This proposed "safety net for new mothers" is "liberal-speak" for creating a new welfare program, Levin said. "So here we have more big-government proposals because Trump is, in his heart, a liberal with some conservative proposals." "What do you think?" Levin asked his audience. "I think it sucks!"

Hold the phone there, precious. You just came out and endorsed Donald Trump for President. After months of saying that you would never vote for him because he was a life-long progressive democrat. And now here you are once again calling him a "liberal" on your radio show.

So why are you voting for him again? And why are you publically endorsing him for President? Because make no mistake about it . . . after months of ranting on your radio show against Trump, your public announcement that you've flip-flopped on your principles and convictions is an endorsement. No matter how hard the trolls at your website try to defend your traitorous decision.

If it wasn't an endorsement, you wouldn't have gone public with it. You would have kept your decision to yourself. But you wanted to sway other NeverTrump-ers to join you. That's the point of endorsing a candidate. Does anyone believe that if Jonah Goldberg or Rich Lowry suddenly announced they were voting for Trump that everyone wouldn't be calling their decision an endorsement?

You know damn well they would.

So grow a spine you coward. You bought this bozo, you own him. You can stop with the lame righteous indignation routine at all of Trump's left-wing proposals. This is the guy you want in the White House. You're voting for him. You want others to go along with you.

Guess what? You missed with me, big boy.


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