Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mischa Barton is see through

mischa barton see thru

My favorite hot mess, Mischa Barton, turned up recently at some sort of artsy thingamajig in a see-thru dress sans proper undergarments.

Mischa doesn't really seem like an annoying Hollywood type, but she does seem to have had more than her shares of ups and downs in her career as an actress. And those swings in success/prosperity have been accompanied by wild swings in her physical appearance (and I guess there's really no surprise in that) as she's gone from lithe and slender to doughy and puffy:

mischa barton sexymischa barton heavy

Judging from those hollowed out cheeks, it looks like she's lost a bit of weight since we've seen her recently. At least I hope that's what's going on here. She's had some truly bizarre moments in her life, I'd like to think she's getting herself back together and having some fun with her life.

She's never been shy about showing herself off in public when she's feeling good about herself, so perhaps this is a sign of some fun Mischa watching to come.

mischa barton nipples
mischa barton nipples

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