Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Today in Instagram

Or Twitter or Snapchat or whatever. I completely don't do social media, so . . .

Here's uber cutie Danica Mckellar in a bikini, something we don't see nearly enough of btw, showing that brains (she has a Phd in mathematics, my area of study . . . again btw) and beauty aren't necessarily mutually exclusive traits:

danica mckellar bikini

Here's 51 year old Elizabeth Hurley showing what it looks like to win the genetics lottery:

elizabeth hurley bikini
elizabeth hurley bikini

And here's my favorite redhead, Maitland Ward, in a remarkably well composed picture that had it been bigger and of higher resolution would be screaming to be made into wallpaper for someone's computer:

maitland ward topless at the beach

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