Sunday, April 10, 2016

So Baseball season is finally underway

We finally got Baseball going, not sure why the off-season seems so long, it's the actual season that should seem to drag on forever. 162 games! eesh

Anyway, Boston's off to a decent start record-wise. They're 3-1 and looking leaps and bounds better than the last two years. Hitting and run production is back where us long time fans like to see it. I think they've scored 6 or more runs in every game so far. Problem is they've needed all those runs.

David Price was dominant on opening day, pitching like the ace he is and Boston hoped he would be. But from there, it's been a rollercoaster ride. Clay Buccholz nearly lost his first start after a disastrous inning in what has become too often for him -- a mixed bag start. Joe Kelly stunk the place up getting yanked after three innings in a game that Boston won because of the aforementioned run production and what looks to be a lights-out bullpen. More on that in a bit. Rick Porcello, the guy I was most worried about in the rotation actually had a decent start in yesterday's win. After a crappy spring, he looked completely different Saturday.

Knuckleballer Steven Wright is on the mound today against Toronto looking to give Boston their first sweep of the season. I hope he does well. Always have a soft spot in my heart for guys that throw the knuckler.

In the off-season, the addition of Craig Kimbrel looked to finally give Boston the reliable, dominant closer they haven't had since Papelbon left years ago. Farrell got clever and devised a line-up out of the pen that would have Junichi Tazawa pitch the seventh inning, former closer Koji Uehara in the eighth, and Kimbrel in the ninth. It looked good on paper, as these things usually do, but it remained to be seen how it would work out in actual games. Well so far, they've been, as I said above -- lights out. Assuming everyone stays healthy, always a risk in the marathon season, this bullpen could be the key to Boston's return to the playoffs after two disappointing seasons.

Still early, but hope springs eternal for us Sox fans.

Down here locally, the Rays have started the season 2-3. They won one game on that bogus new rule about sliding into second base that's going to cause major headaches this season for MLB in my opinion. So they're a bisquit away from a 1-4 start.

Team ace Chris Archer has had a rocky start. He's 0-2 with an ERA over 7 at the moment. Lot's of strikeouts, but he got hammered opening day before settling down and his last start saw him give up 4 home runs (I think). He's an emotional kid, but he's got to get on track because this team is counting on him big time.

Stadium issues still hang over this team for reasons that defy comprehension. And I'm not sold on mediocre former catcher Kevin Cash as a manager, but we've had our fill of crappy teams down here. I'd like to see the Rays do well, even if I not sure they'll even be here in another year or so.

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