Monday, April 18, 2016

So now it really is Tax Day

If you were fooled, like most people were, you probably thought that April 15th was tax day. But apparently there's some sort of only in D.C.-type holiday that pushed the final date for filing your taxes to midnight tonight.

Don't feel bad. I didn't know about either until one of my customers told me. And the Post Office didn't bother to warn any of its employees about this either as my boss was hurriedly trying to staff our office for the big crush when he found out on his own about the moved date.

Anyways, if you haven't done your taxes yet (and I'm still finishing mine at this moment, so I'm not looking down my nose at you) you may want to give these guys a look if you're considering an extension:

I've use these guys in the past, but not recently, and I checked today and saw that their price for filing an extension has gone up from $9.95 in 2013 to $29.95 now, though they are offering a 20% discount online. Still a bit more than I think is reasonable, but they were a simple-to-use service in the past and I'm assuming they still are. Also, in the past, they weren't pushing to sell you tax software, so they might be a look for you.

Good luck with your taxes.

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