Sunday, April 10, 2016

One little thing

brittany snow & kelley jakle

MTV held it's ever more irrelevant Movie Awards and Pitch Perfect 2 won for best ensemble, I think. Nice that the movie got the award, but you'd think awards given out by a "music" channel might reward a movie about music with an award for the music in it.

just sayin'

But in a quick glance at some of the red carpet images that are out at this moment, I was pleased to see Kelley Jakle, who plays Jessica in the two movies, getting some red carpet time. Because she and Shelley Regner, who plays Ashley, were almost completely ignored in the movie itself. In fact, I think they only have one speaking scene, towards the end when Becca (Anna Kendrick) admits she doesn't know which of them is which. They both yell out "I'm Jessica/I'm Ashley!" simultaneously and then look at each other in confusion.

It's obviously an inside joke, perhaps Elizabeth Banks realized she had ignored them and decided to have some fun with it. Including another moment when Becca asks Ashley her plans for after college and before she can speak, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) interrupts to tell her plans and the camera goes back to Ashley who shrugs in resignation.

Not sure why those two got the short straw in the movie -- they don't even appear in the bus coming back from one performance, but we could have gotten by with a few less moments of Rebel Wilson in the musical sequences to accommodate the other members of the "ensemble"

I said in another post that the original is a guilty pleasure of mine. I didn't find the sequel to be nearly as good. And the brushing aside of some of the characters was only part of what I didn't like.

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