Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mischa Barton weirdness

Perhaps sadness might be a better word here.

I ran across this story online about a week ago, it seems that Mischa is suing her mother over basically robbing Mischa blind and running the actress' career into the ground. Mom was stealing her money, taking out huge loans in Mischa's name, signing her up for promotions and appearances, accepting upfront payments for these and then not telling Miscah about them, thus having her default on obligations and looking like a flake. Etc.

The opening of Mischa's lawyer's brief reads like a scandal novella, it's astounding that stuff like that goes on, and that someone's parent would use and abuse their child like that. But it takes all kinds, and there are plenty of parents who should never have been allowed to have children. *sigh*

Mischa's been slowly coming back into public view after some time out, and in at least this instance, she's breaking out one of her regular features of her public appearances -- accidental (or perhaps not so) exposure:

mischa barton nip slip

I'm loving the look on Martin Sheen's face here . . . he clearly got the better view. Lolz!

mischa barton nip slip
mischa barton nip slip

You can read my review of Mischa's underrated flick Walled In here.

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