Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reese Witherspoon is a feminist

Or so she says in a recent interview in In Style magazine:

“I went to Harpeth Hall, a wonderful all-girls school in Nashville that encouraged us to see ourselves as working women in the world, to speak up for ourselves to ask for equal pay and advocate for gender equality. Outside that school, I experienced the full force of a patriarchal society, but I had a core value system that said, ‘No, you really deserve to be treated equal to men.”

Ah yes, that darned patriarchal society, the buzzword of feminists everywhere. When Patricia Arquette made comments about income inequality and fair treatment at the Oscars, a lot of folks used that to dredge up the repeatedly debunked notion that there is a systematic effort to pay women less than men in the workplace. As I've often said -- show me the job where a man and a woman, hired at the same time for the same job, are paid different wages. Ironically, the only place in this country where that actual does happen is Hollywood, where the disparity in pay scales for actors and actresses is there for all to see. Along with fierce opposition to females in roles as director, producer, etc. I'm pretty sure that's what Arquette was driving at with her comments.

As we've seen in the numerous articles at Stacy McCain's site, feminism has it's roots in a deep seated hatred of men and the belief that women can only be true to themselves if they eschew men altogether and embrace a lesbian lifestyle. Perhaps the time has come to diffentiate these radical man haters from those who simply believe in equality. Same goes with those who really aren't interested in racial equality but rather some form of payback and role reversal. I guess a new term is needed.

Anyway, here's Reese suffering under the patriarchal thumb on her way to a net worth of $80 million:

reese witherspoon topless
reese witherspoon topless


Jon Dougery said...

Wow, her tits are PERFECT!!!

postaldog said...

Those are pretty old pics, but yeah . . . she was sort of a hotty back when she first broke into films.