Thursday, January 22, 2015

When did Boehner grow a pair?

They mentioned last night that House Speaker John Boehner angered the White House by going behind their back and inviting Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress as they decide whether to bypass President Mom Jeans and put sanctions on Iran to slow or halt their nuclear ambitions.

I have a hard time believing that Boehner is so devious that he waited for the President to make a faux pas as he did during the SOTU Tuesday when he said and implied that we had turned the page on radical terrorism and troubles in the mid-East. But the timing couldn't be better, especially with news today that there is satellite footage of new ICBM's in Iran that may have the capability of reaching the US.

As Netanyahu had said last year (I think), Iran can already reach Israel with their current arsenal of missiles, it's the US they want to be able to reach.

And this is a bi-partisan outreach and concern here, with perhaps the ability to override a veto by the President, which would be a long overdue rebuke of his incompetent foreign policy.

President Obama and his administration have spat on Netanyahu and Israel for six years. Here's hoping they give Bibi a double venti double expresso prior to his speech, 'cause I'd love to see him rip into Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the rest of these stumblebumbs over how they're putting the whole world at risk with their stupefying incompetence.

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